Susan Eberly



Kathyrn Kohl 

Administrative Assistant 


Eve Beamesderfer

Business Specialist/Finance


Melissa Kulbitsky

Economic Dev Specialist 



Frank Kocher 

Vice Chairman
Michael Battistelli - Stifel


Larry Bowman – Key Investment Partners 


Barry Ansel – Retired - Fulton Bank, N.A.

Mark Chamberlain - Sherwin Williams

Robert Funk – Arthur Funk & Sons

Joe Malda - First Energy

Patrick Judd - Whiting Turner
Barbara Kauffman – Kauffman Creative Design
Edwin Kercher – Kercher Industries

Paul Lundberg - Reilly Wolfson Sheffy, Schrum & Lundberg
George Soukas - Regupol America LLC

Jeffrey Sterner – High Industries, Inc.

Leon Zimmerman - Laserfab, Inc. 

Mission Statement

The LVEDC’s mission is “to create and to stimulate a local economy which provides gainful employment and business investment opportunities not only for the current generation but for generations to come.”


A community that is prosperous and provides an abundance of economic opportunity requires initiative, planning and vision by local officals.  The LVEDC is a not-for-profit economic development organization that works with area businessess and the community at large to strengthen existing business and create an environment in which new and existing companies can flourish.