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The LVEDC maintains a database of available buildings in the County, and can assist you with site selection, permit navigation, development, community planning, and much more. Our assistance can help companies reduce costs, save time, optimize talent, and grow sales.

Lebanon Valley Business Park 

Real Estate Listings

1507 Willow Street Lebanon, PA 11076  is a  manufacturing and warehouse facility, formerly a plastics factory, comprising two buildings; the main building measures 52,072 sq. ft. and a second detached warehouse building that measures 10,000 sq. ft. The property also includes 3 acres of hard surface storage (contractors yard) which is fully fenced with a separate entrance. The property also includes private railroad siding. 

Main 52,072 sq. ft  building features include recent heavy electrical upgrades, sprinkler systems, 24 ft ceilings, 2 dock height doors, and 2 drive-ins.

Inquiries should go to Elias Rabinowitz  410-336-5632  direct or by email

Multiple Lots Available

For more information check out Geller Real Estate

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