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Business Financing

Small Business First (SBF)

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                       Lending Summary

  • Low interest loans

  • Available to small businesses (100 employees or fewer)

  • Administered through the Lebanon Valley Economic Development Corporation


Small business (100 employees or fewer) involved in the following enterprises:

  • Manufacturing

  • Industrial

  • Agricultural

  • Construction enterprises

  • Child day-care centers

  • Technology oriented and computer-related services

  • Hotels, motels, or restaurants (established non-start ups)

  • Environmental compliance/pollution prevention

  • Municipal or commercial recyclers

  • Export-related

  • Military and defense-related

  • Mining

  • 7-Year Fixed Interest Rate Option: 10-year U.S. Treasury rate set at time of application.

  • After 7 years the rate will reset to the 10-year Treasury rate with a 2% maximum increase or decrease compared to the original interest rate. 

  • A floor interest rate of 3.50% exists.

  •  This option exists for real estate projects only.

  • Full Term Fixed Interest Rate Option:  5.25%.  This fixed rate option will exist for the life of the loan.

  • Subordinate lien positions on real estate up to 90% loan to value are permitted

  • $25,000 loan per job retained or created

  • Up to 15-year term for land and building

  • Up to 10-year term for machinery and equipment

  • Up to 3-year term for working capital

Uses & Purposes of Funding

  • Land and building acquisition and construction

  • Machinery and equipment purchases, maintenance, upgrades and repairs

  • Working capital

  • Environmental compliance/pollution prevention


  • Loans up to $400,000 or 50% of total eligible project costs, whichever is less

  • Maximum loan amount for working capital is $100,000 or 50% of total eligible project costs, whichever is less

  • Application fee

  • $1,200-$2000 legal fee

  • Title insurance (real estate only)




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