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What has the LVEDC been up to?

The Local Defense Group was created in early summer of 2023.

Ret. Admiral Nancy LeScavage, Director of DCED Military Commission approached Susan Eberly and asked her if she would be willing to lead the local defense group for her County.  She graciously agreed, because strengthening the relationship between our military installation officials and the community at large was an important mission. 

The group meets every other month and consists of various military personnel from the Gap, as well as elected officials and business leaders from Lebanon County.

Our Mission Statement:

"The Local Defense Group is a proactive advocate voicing the military, homeland security, and community value of Fort Indiantown Gap to local, state and federal elected officials and the Greater Lebanon Valley."

Our Goals

      Expand Community Connections 

      Strengthen Connections with Schools

      Broaden recruitment Efforts

      Training facilities for transition Personnel 

      Attract new quality jobs

      Develop Childcare Options

      Build Collaborations with the Business Community





The LVEDC staff took time out of their day to visit the baby goats at Thistle Creek Farm. Owned by Eve Beamesderfer, who is not only our Loan Specialist but a poultry grower for Bell & Evans. 

Stacy Newcomer from CommutePA attended one of our Workforce Alliance meetings. She stayed to later present President, Susan Eberly with a plaque for becoming community partners. Commute PA provides free and ride share services to reduce traffic congestion in the region. 


LVEDC partner plaque.jpg

2024 Engage Visits!


Regupol America

A quick tour with one of our park members, George Soukas had so much to offer. This company uses rubber to create unique flooring for anything from at-home gyms to state-of-the-art track and field surfaces. This company is currently in the process of expanding on their land in the park and we are excited to see what's to come. 



After meeting with Lester Zimmerman of Zimpark, we learned how much this little business park in Myerstown has to offer. L&N Zimmerman Boring works to install underground utilities while causing minimal disturbance to the earth. 



Another fellow park member was able to meet with us and give a quick tour of their facility. Laserfab's unique equipment and precision high-speed custom metal laser cutting services will not be forgotten. We are also excited to see the results of this company's expansion they are about to undergo. 

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