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Real Estate Development

The LVEDC maintains a database of available buildings in the County, and can assist you with site selection, permit navigation, development, community planning, and much more. Our assistance can help companies reduce costs, save time, optimize talent, and grow sales.


Sometimes the hardest part of a project is knowing where to go and with whom to speak. LVEDC serves as your first point of contact, leveraging community connections and local, state, and federal resources. We guide our clients to, and set appointments with, the correct municipal or agency representative. This process allows LVEDC to work with officials in order to get our client's questions answered and needs met in a timely fashion. These meetings also allow officials to give the necessary guidance, recommendations, and support to move projects along. 


Whether advocating for programs to meet specific business and industry needs, or securing resources to expand business opportunities, LVEDC staff will maximize their partnerships to enhance your opportunities to succeed.


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