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At the LVEDC, it is our mission to ensure that all employment and training opportunities are made available to our business and industry partners in their pursuit of a quality workforce. We are committed to working with employers to identify any training needs as well as educating them on various workforce services, programs and training funds available. In an effort to stay knowledgeable of these opportunities and new initiatives benefiting the community,  the LVEDC,  along with other non-profit workforce service providers and educational institutes, came together to form the Lebanon Valley Workforce Alliance. The Alliance is currently working with various sectors of the community to develop a skilled workforce and strengthen the economic climate in Lebanon County.

What 100 New Primary Jobs Can Mean to Lebanon County


Every new primary job that comes to a community brings with it a large amount of other business. A new worker will eat at restaurants, shop in stores, visit doctors, use banking services, read the newspaper, refuel an automobile, make phone calls, and purchase a wide variety of items, and may send a child to school, use accounting services, request legal advice, or enjoy recreational facilities – all increasing the economic wellbeing of the area. Each new primary job will create indirect jobs – waiters, store clerks, hospital workers, bankers, and other service positions – and will create revenue above and beyond its wage rate.

CareerLink- Lebanon County
"Working together ensures that workforce development efforts flow seamlessly in the county."

Lebanon County Career and Technology Center

“Businesses are thrilled that we are streamlining the education & industry partnerships." 

SPCA Works
“Lebanon County workforce service providers are making a difference in the manufacturing sector as they partner together to create training opportunities."

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